drive production company

Drive Production Company was founded in November 2013 by Nicolas Vaporidis, Matteo Branciamore, Primo Reggiani and Eros Galbiati, four established Italian actors, after more than a decade of experience working on several film, theatre and television projects.


Il Camerlengo (The Chamberlain)

Cardinal Walter, Varesino and former head of the Vatican Pavilion at Expo 2015, is forced to move to Rome, a city that hates to devote himself to the management of the Jubilee of Mercy. Flanked by picturesque entourage, he must cope with the delirium organizational hanging over Piazza San Pietro. It will do so surreal and tragicomic, sorely tested by adversity he meets along his mission among boys Pope, Swiss guard hilarious and irresistible air of Pope Francis, who – without ever appearing in video – proves full of humor in a corrupt Rome / Italy and corrupting.


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